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Sign up here with your email address and we will send you all the details and instructions you need. We are working hard to get employers to pay you to quit. If yours are not onboard yet, you and your loved ones can fund your own quitting plan to motivate you to get over that hurdle.



After you sign up, we will send you everything you need: instructions to download and setup our app, nicotine gums and other quit support products you may be eligible for.



You can earn back what you pay us by proving you are smoking less. Our smart software will show you what you're earning. We are putting the latest behavioral science tools to practice to help you quit.


We use incentives, behavioral nudges and evidence-based interventions to help you quit smoking and make healthy choices.

About Us


All of us at Vincere came together over a common goal: to put our many years of professional expertise and skills towards making people's lives better.

We bonded at the Harvard Innovation Lab over our shared passion to beat tobacco smoking. It boggled our minds that this was still the number one cause of preventable death in the world. We pledged to empower people to overcome smoking with the best tools at our disposal: technology, behavioral science and economics.


We want to incentivize people, at massive scale, to make healthy choices, across all modes of chronic disease management, using wearables and connected health monitoring devices and the best, proven research in behavioral science.


We are razor focussed on user experience and interface design because we want to make our technology accessible to everyone. We have developed a versatile platform to connect wearables and health monitoring devices seamlessly and securely to payment systems to marry positive behaviors to instant rewards. We are using the latest technology and security tools to maximize convenience to users and program operators.


Who we are

Shalen De Silva
Jake Keteyian
Hadi Javeed
Shalen left a decade long banking career to study public health at Harvard. He worked at Deloitte, BNP and SMBC, co-founded Global Clinic, and holds degrees from Cambridge and LSE.
Jake finished his masters at Harvard after working as a management consultant at KPMG where he focused on innovative care delivery models and value-based care initiatives.
Hadi is a full stack developer with deep expertise in AI, autonomous customer experience, chatbots, as well as systems architecture. He was most recently a senior developer at Capital One.
Trevor Campbell
Joe Roddy
Han Jin
Joe is a full stack developer who is passionate about making positive impact, sustainability and building awesome things. Previously, Joe worked for JP Morgan and co-founded Textable.
Han is a talented designer and architect with experience working in China, Japan, and US, prior to her M.Arch at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
Trevor is a Chem Eng grad from UNH, who is a keen technologist and previously founded UnChained. He is our Swiss army knife product guy who knows, first hand, the challenges of respiratory disease.
Dr. Vaughan Rees
Dr. Scott Nelson
Dr. Courtland Keteyian
Vaughan is the Director of the Center for Global Tobacco Control at the Harvard School of Public Health, whose mission it is to reduce the global burden of tobacco-related death and disease.
Scott was formerly Chief Product Officer at Digi International (NASDAQ), and sits on the board of several health tech companies. He holds a PhD in Physics from Cornell
Courtland is the President and Medical Director of Jackson Health Network, MI. He holds a MD, MBA, MPH from the University of Michigan and a BS in Molecular Biology from Yale.
Dr. Kate Wolin
Kate is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Coeus Health and ScaleDown, acquired by Anthem. She is a specialist in chronic disease management and behavior change, and holds a PhD from Harvard.

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