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AI-Enabled Activation & Engagement For Your Members’ Healthcare Journey.

Vincere Health is now part of RVO Health, an Optum & Red Ventures company.

The Breakthrough Health Engagement Platform for Hard-to-Reach Populations

Developed at the Harvard Innovation Lab, the Vincere Health platform boasts dramatic improvements in outcomes, from activation to member engagement and support. Our clients experience greater than 3x improvements in engagement and activation across multiple channels.

Our unique reengagement engine leverages social media for improved or updated contact information on especially hard-to-reach populations, and our case studies demonstrate the efficacy of our approach in a variety of difficult healthcare scenarios. 
Combined with our proprietary AI-driven micro-incentive options, and trained on years of data from the hardest-to-reach populations, Vincere's solutions are a step change improvement over current approaches.

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AI Trained for 5 Years on the Hardest-to-Reach Populations

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Clinically-Validated Engagement & Outcomes

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Proprietary AI-Driven Micro-Incentives, Social Media-based Contact Enhancement, & more.

"Particularly appealing was Vincere’s ability to put full fees at risk based on objectively measured outcomes and stringent performance guarantees around patient engagement - particularly among those who need the most help."

Froedtert & MCW health network

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