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The most innovative
and engaging smoking cessation and behavioral health solution for your members

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We combine clinical support with behavioral science & technology

We employ board certified psych NPs and smoking cessation specialists to provide personalized behavioral support and have proven engagement and health outcomes among hard-to-reach populations.


Mobile App & Breath Sensor

Frequent tracking, biofeedback, accountability

Instant Financial Incentives

Incentives raise engagement and cessation by 3X

Dedicated Health Coaches

Coaches are available via chat, text, and phone

Our Offering
Standard Plan

This is a self-run plan where your members can use our innovative tech tools on their own to track their progress and earn instant rewards if they meet their quit plan goals.


All your members will be eligible to receive:

Mobile app

Quit Kit

Self-run incentive program

You (the employer) will receive:

Turn-key member activation

Program and reward administration

Real-time reporting

Advanced Plan

You get everything in the Standard Plan plus on-demand text-based behavioral health coaching and counseling by our own CTTS, Psych NPs and RNs for all of your members. 

Counseling is based on evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing techniques, woven together with our tracking and contingency management tools. 


Text-based Coaching

1:1 chat with dedicated qualified health professionals

Engagement Bonus

We are able to offer very affordable PEPM rates by putting our fees at risk! 

Regardless of the plan you select, an engagement bonus will enable us to efficiently allocate our clinical resources, including providing 1:1 video counseling for high priority participants, to engage your members and help them succeed at higher rates than any other programs in the market. 


1:1 Teletherapy

30min+ sessions with CTTS, psych NPs, and RNs


Text-based Coaching

1:1 chat with dedicated qualified health professionals

The last tobacco cessation program your company will need.
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