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Judgment Free Depression Care

1:1 Sessions

Medication Management

Licensed Providers

No Waitlists

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Am I a Fit?


Our patients often struggle with depression, anxiety, and overwhelm that you don't feel is under control.


We are an experienced team of authentic, caring clinicians who have helped thousands of people live happier lives. 

Accessible Care

We meet you where you're at financially too. Whether you use your insurance benefit or choose a super affordable option, we can make it work for you!

How does it work?

Initial Evaluation

Meet with a licensed clinical provider who will help evaluate your symptoms and discuss a strategy.

Continued Care

Continue to see and have regular check-ins with your provider. Easily reach out if needed between visits—we're always here for you.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Get 1:1 therapy and medication management. If medications are recommended, they will be sent to your local/preferred pharmacy electronically.


How much does it cost?

We have two affordable options for payment!


We can claim reimbursement from health plans as an in-network provider for select insurers.

Cash Pay

If your insurance won't cover it, it's still very affordable out of pocket.




1:1 telepsychiatry

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