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Welcome to the Vincere Health Smoking Cessation Program!

Provided in partnership with your Employer, MAT1820 LLC.

We are so excited that you have chosen to quit smoking for good, and are interested in joining our program! On this page, you will find some helpful resources and links below that you may find helpful!

Sign Up for the Program...

If you haven't joined the program yet, the first step is to complete the initial sign up form. Use the button below to sign up today!

Vincere Health App

As part of the study, you will need to download the Vincere Health App in order to use your CO Monitoring Device to conduct breath tests. If you don't have it already, you can download the Vincere Health app using the button above.



+1 (833) 696–1236




Right from your Vincere APP

Consent Forms + Other Program Documents

Study Consent Form

⬅ Click to View PDF

(Will be Replaced with the correct document when finalized)

Other Document / Resource #1

Check out this Vincere Support Library page to support your journey.

Other Document / Resource #2

Postpartum Support International, a website that hosts a helpline, online support groups, and a directory of free or low-cost mental health-care providers.

How to Use your CO Monitoring Device to Do Breath Tests

As part of the program, you will be conducting "breath tests" with the Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitoring Device that was mailed to you. Instructions for how to use your device are included below.

Breath Test "How To" Video

Step-by-Step Breath Test Instructions

Here are the steps for doing a breath test. They are also included on a paper insert in your QuitKit box, and shown in the video above.

1.  Make sure you have your Bluetooth setting turned on. The app will remind you too!

– If you have an *iPhone*, you can turn on bluetooth by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and clicking the bluetooth symbol.

– If you have an *Android* phone, you can turn on bluetooth by swiping down from the top of the screen and clicking the bluetooth symbol.

2.  Next open the Vincere app and tap the + button (center bottom). Then tap “Take Breath Test.”


3.  Click the button on your device once and you’ll see it light up. 


4.  Wait for your device to calibrate, this may take up to 30 seconds.


5.  Once calibration is done, you’ll see the facial recognition square appear on your app screen.


6.  Look into the camera and tap the camera icon below the face square. The facial recognition will

process for a moment.


7.  Next, the app will instruct you to inhale and hold your breath for 15 seconds (the screen will

count 15 seconds for you).


8.  Once 15 seconds of holding your breath is up, put the device into your mouth and blow slowly

and steadily until you’ve completely emptied your lungs.


9.  Your CO results will display on your screen. Congrats, you're done!

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