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A breakthrough solution to help your most costly members live a tobacco-free life.

Vincere combines clinical support with real-time incentives based on the newest science.

Having developed the newest science on behavioral incentives at Harvard School of Public Health, the Vincere founders built an award-winning social good platform that we want to share with you and your employees.

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We are here for you every step of the way.

Press the button to contact us for a demonstration!

The platform surrounds each member with support, technology, and timely incentives

Mobile App and Breath Sensor.png

Mobile App & Breath Sensor

Frequent tracking, biofeedback, accountability

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Instant Financial Incentives

Incentives raise engagement and
cessation by 3X

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Dedicated Health Coaches

Coaches are available via chat, text,
and phone

We partner with you to deliver real change

Verified Participant Success That You’ll See and Celebrate

This chart shows real data from a successful participant. We are
able to objectively measure daily engagement with breath tests, represented by each dot on the chart. We believe in putting our
money where our mouth is when it comes to delivering actual, measurable value to you and your employees.

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What’s in the Box?

Quit Kit Contents.png
CO and Pen.png

Get on-demand text-based behavioral health coaching
and counseling by our own CTTS, Psych NPs and RNs
for all of your members.

Counseling is based on evidence-based cognitive
behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing techniques, woven together with our tracking and contingency management tools.

The last tobacco cessation program your company will ever need.

Press the button to contact us for a platform demonstration.

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