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The program was the perfect solution for me to stop smoking. Deep down, I wanted to quit but always found reasons and excuses to not quit. I believe that the combination of cash rewards, charting, the app and personal coach was instrumental in my success.

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SH, 29, Illinois

Vincere Health Graduate

I learned a lot about myself, why I smoke, and tools that I can use. I think my confidence that I can quit is definitely new. Before the program, I had no idea how I would do it. Now I know myself better.

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JH, 59, Idaho

Vincere Health Graduate

Great app that has really helped me to quit smoking. The staff are very quick to get back to you and are polite, encouraging and helpful. I recommend this to assist anyone wanting to quit smoking.

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RB, 53, Minnesota

Vincere Health Graduate

It’s not just an app and a device. There are actual people communicating with you and following the numbers, and you see the numbers yourself. The breathalyzer is cool, feels motivating to see the number.

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BN, 32, Massachusetts

Vincere Health Graduate

I tried to stop smoking many times I don’t know how I came across this app but I said let me give it a try paying me to quit smoking when would you ever hear something like that, but it’s true . they give you a counselor mine was Sheryl who was wonderful she gave me all kinds of advice ideas and the confidence that you can do this I loved that about this program i’m sure all the counselors are just as good as mine was she really did help a lot giving me the confidence i needed so i tried it and it worked and I smoked for 40 years and the money came in handy when you needed that extra $20

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MF, 58, Colorado

Vincere Health Graduate

Finally something to motivate me to quit! I believe this will be the secret weapon to stopping my addition. Awesome app

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AC, 38, Colorado

Vincere Health Graduate

Choosing the Vincere Health program to assist me in quitting vaping was one of the best decisions of my life! My coach Sheryl and I connected so well on a personal level, so it was easy to work with her to find out which methods worked best for me throughout the week program. It was very beneficial to have a support system like a quit coach, and especially so when it’s someone like Sheryl who cares *so* much about helping others help themselves! As well as I know that this was my journey, I don’t believe I could have done it alone! Thanks again to everyone on the Vincere team!

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JD, 56, Massachusetts

Vincere Health Graduate

Fabulous aid to quit smoking with the help of a counselor! There is no cheating with the monitor and having a counselor to talk to kept me accountable. Would highly recommend to anyone struggling with an addiction of their own!

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TF, 62, Michigan

Vincere Health Graduate

This is a super cool, inspiring program. Thank you!

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DS, 32, Massachusetts

Vincere Health Graduate

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