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Meet the Vincere Team

Jake Keteyian

Co-Founder & CEO

Before his master’s degree at Harvard, Jake worked as a consultant in healthcare strategy and technology. He focused on innovative care delivery models and early value-based care initiatives for providers, payers, and state agencies. He is passionate about building teams and tech that enable thoughtful remote care models for vulnerable populations.

Hadi Javeed

Co-Founder & CTO

Hadi has many years of experience in developing and architecting enterprise grade applications. Previously he was a senior software engineer at Capital One specializing in AI/NLP, autonomous customer experience and infrastructure. He finds deeper passion about creating impact in health-care now through building software. His expertise focuses on technical direction and providing strategic ways of bridging ideas to engineering execution. After hours, he is usually being trained by his young son.

Sheryl Melanson

Senior Health Coach, Content Writer

Sheryl is fascinated by what propels each of us to empower and evolve ourselves as creative change agents. She is curious to help people rediscover what "lights them up on the inside" so they become naturally drawn to healthier choices. As a people detective, she blends 22 years of health coaching, tobacco treatment, and digital therapeutics with a keen interest in human potential to make each participant’s Vincere journey sparkle. Ask her about kayak meditation, carb pairing, or her book, Perspective.


Richard Ruggiero

Strategic Partnerships

Richard is a people person through and through, driven to help. After earning his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Clinical Psychology, he started his career as a Mental Health Clinician directly helping the most vulnerable in our society. He has advanced his career in health technology by being on the front lines of the push to enable health plans and employers to adopt solutions that help underserved populations.


Megan O'Connell

SVP,  Operations & Accounts

Megan keeps Vincere’s trains running on time. Prior to Vincere, she worked at the Harvard Business School where she provided strategic consulting to alumni leaders and senior School leadership. She has a passion for helping others and discovering new technology. Outside of work, she stays active chasing after her two young daughters.


Cameron Jacox

Head of Marketing & Patient Growth

Cameron guides Vincere’s commercial & consumer growth. His experience includes leading commercialization and growth at Lark Health from a 12-person startup to a $1 billion unicorn, as well as helping scale a half-dozen other digital health and therapeutics technology startups. 


Alyssa Donovan

Product Designer

Alyssa is Vincere’s in-house designer. With experience in healthcare and innovation design, she strives to bridge the gap between on-screen and real-life experiences. She approaches her work with the idea that design can be used to improve people’s lives. When she isn’t designing, you can typically find her trying out new hobbies, building jungle-gyms for her bunny, or baking.


Biken Maharjan

Senior iOS Developer

Biken is capable of a wide range of programming languages and big-picture infrastructure design. After completing his bachelor's degree at Boston University, he worked on various teams and startups. He comes from an underserved community and is passionate about helping others who are in a similar situation. Other than computers, he loves playing tennis, reading eastern philosophy, volunteering, and trekking.


Bilal Bin Zafar

Senior QA Engineer

Bilal is a Software Test engineer. He ensures Quality and Playing with Empiricism to give value to the Product following the Agile methodology through Scrum Framework. After completion of his bachelor's degree, he served in a number of startups ensuring the quality of various product domains. He is passionate about learning new tech tools and enjoys working in teams. After work, he spends time with his car, driving, and travelling.

Ryan Diaz

Senior Software Engineer

Ryan is an enthusiastic engineer who is passionate about architecting and developing scalable solutions to real issues. After graduating from the University of Miami, he worked in the financial sector developing cloud-native applications, before joining Vincere to make more of an impact. A constant learner, he enjoys learning new technologies, studying languages, and history. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys many different hobbies such as soccer, gaming, traveling, and cars. He's also an avid foodie!

Brad Smith

Software Developer

In a career spanning over 20 years Brad has done a lot, including writing courseware and training Linux administrators for Red Hat, simplifying technical onboarding and automating workflows for Akamai, doing dev ops for Amazon, and writing software for companies large and small. One thing he'd never gotten to do as much as he wished he could is work on something he knows is doing real, direct, good every day, and he is thrilled to have that opportunity now with Vincere. Outside of work he enjoys being a dad, singer, voice actor, sound designer, LARPer, and board gamer.

Isabelle Ng

Software Engineering Intern

Isabelle is a software engineering intern from sunny Singapore. She is currently a senior at Nanyang Technological University, studying Computer Science and Business. Isabelle is looking forward to working with the Vincere Team, learning new technologies and building scalable systems for a meaningful cause. Outside of work, she enjoys the outdoors, hiking and reading.

Susan Robidoux

Credentialing & Enrollment Specialist

With over 15 years in the credentialing field, Susan ensures a seamless process from start to finish. Collaborative and independent, she has demonstrated acuity for obtaining credentials for providers across all licensing boards and payors and resolving complex payor issues. She loves her job!


Trevor Campbell

Special Ops + Mascot

An experienced respiratory patient himself, Trevor is focused on using emerging technologies to improve the quality, access, and equity of world-class healthcare for those who need it most. With a background in Chemical Engineering and Pharma, Trevor blends science and design into a shared language for innovation. He enjoys being the team jester and dabbles with renaissance hobbies like marble sculpting and leather-working.


WELCOME to the Vincere Family!

We are so glad you're here.

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