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Medicaid Member Engagement & Preventive Outcomes, at Scale
MCO profitability relies on engaging priority populations

Medicaid MCOs operate at 2-5% net income margins so engaging high risk priority populations with preventive measures that drive ROI in < 1 year is paramount.

Pregnant tobacco users

$15k – $65k

Avg. cost of NICU per member

COPD patients


Avg. cost of COPD exacerbation
ED visit

overweight members

$5k – $15k

Avg. cost of diabetes management per year

1. Russell et al.; “Cost of Hospitalization for pre-term and low birth weight infants in the United States”, Pediatrics, Volume 120, Issue 1, July 2007

2. Guarascio et al.; “The clinical and economic burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the US”, Clinicoecon Outcomes Res.; 5, 235-245, June 2013

3. Ng et al.; “Medical expenditures associated with diabetes among adult Medicaid enrollees in 8 states”; CDC, Volume 15, 2018

Meaningful engagement means overcoming unique barriers

Engaging and driving outcomes for Medicaid populations requires solving for some very specific member needs and challenges which Vincere caters:

bi-directional communication 2.png

2-way texting
& calling

updated contact info 2.png

Up to date
contact info

multiple touchpoints 2.png

Multiple touch points
in care journey

SDOH 2.png

SDOH needs

personalized care 2.png

relevant care

cost effective and scalable 2.png


Vincere offers a turnkey, risk bearing solution 

The Vincere health engagement platform was built from the ground up to reach the hardest to reach, low income Medicaid populations for effective disease management

  • 2-way SMS and calls

  • Integrated clinician + bot

  • Remote monitoring

  • Feature phone compatible

  • Automated nudges / comms

  • Digital rewards 

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We have contracts and Master Service Agreements (MSAs) in place with: 

Premier safety net hospital

Tier 1 provider network

Tier 1 provider network

vincere map.png

*Our current geographical footprint

We started with smoking cessation for high risk populations

Vincere has built an expertise in helping low income pregnant women to quit smoking and has a proven track record of engaging low income smokers to drive exceptional outcomes.

  • Smoking cessation specialists, social workers to provide personalized behavioral support

  • Proprietary remote patient monitoring & instant rewards / contingency management technology

  • Up to 100% fees at risk, based on quit outcomes

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Vincere By Numbers

Helping pregnant smokers quit generates 7.7x ROI in 9 months


Lower preterm birth risk 


NICU admission risk


ROI on population >100

We have a track record of helping the most vulnerable







Our program objectively measures outcomes with low income patients

Broken Cigarette 2.png

quit rate

CO Clouds 2.png

CO Reduction

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