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Human Coaches as Change Agents and Engagement Drivers

Engagement is one of the greatest challenges to both in-person and virtual care delivery today. We know that higher levels of engagement translate to better health outcomes. But what kinds of engagements matter? Ineffective reminder and outreach frequency can quickly become a traffic jam that drives people to tune out, not in. So, how do we find the sweet spot of engagement ... well-timed, not too little, not too much?

At Vincere Health, we recognize that driving engagement is not enough. We strive to customize engagement by being neverendingly curious about the people we serve. And we do this in two ways: human-led engagement and careful attention to what works. We ask our participants what their preferred method of engagement is, and we keep asking what’s working and what’s not at all stages of their change journey with us. Offering multiple care pathways inspires engagement that fits each participant’s needs and lifestyle.

We offer all participants a QuitKit that comes with a remote carbon monoxide monitoring device or vape tracker, a specially designed water bottle, and a mobile app for goal tracking, live coach sessions, and messaging with their coach and care team.

Human connection is kept at the core of all we do. At Vincere, we position our coaches, and the relationships they cultivate with participants, as the primary conduits for lasting change. Communication preferences and styles are paramount to individualized care that takes into account a person’s motivations, environments, circumstances, and learning styles. From the first encounter, our enrollment care team joins up with people who reach out to us for help. Each participant is carefully paired with an experienced, well-trained, empathetic coach. Because we know that relationships and continuity of care matter, unless a match isn’t working, we prioritize keeping people together with their coach throughout the program and beyond.

For engagements to be and remain effective, they must be data-driven and human-conveyed. We know that our best ideas fall flat without the data to validate them. For example, we have learned that our participants respond more favorably to engagement nudges from their coach than automated nudges from an app. People try harder to live healthier when they feel cared about. Continuous evaluation of aggregated participant data identifies beneficial patterns and informs a constructive feedback loop of care delivery. These continual learnings guide our coaches, team members, and product developers to integrate best engagement practices. We believe that effective care and sustained motivation for improved well-being is born of the marriage between data insights and well-timed human touchpoints.

All team members have been HIPAA, inclusivity and sensitivity trained to provide respectful support that encompasses various aspects of social determinants and identity (race, ethnicity, culture, gender, and sexual orientation). We meet people where they are and invest in ongoing relationships that encourage achievable, incremental behavior shifts over time. Small daily changes add up to meaningful outcomes, and lasting growth takes patience and understanding at every turn. This belief lies at the very foundation of the Vincere mission.

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